Beach Pet Friendly
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Inn of the Beachcomber
Gold Beach, OR
Beach Pet Friendly
Inn of the Beachcomber
We Are Pet Friendly!
We have at least 25 horses, four dogs and I think four cats at our ranch in Sisters Oregon. Needless to say we love our pets and understand the importance of the Beachcomber offering the best Southern Oregon coast pet friendly rooms for those pet lovers that want to bring their special friends along. You got to love the The Inn of the Beachcomber offering traveling dog lovers the nicest Gold Beach pet friendly rooms. Our beach is pet friendly so itís only natural that we try to offer the nicest pet friendly rooms on the Oregon coast. When you come to the Beachcomber with your dog or pet you donít have to worry about getting stuck in a room that seems like it should double as a vetís waiting room. We try to flea bomb the rooms after each pet so your special friends donít have to worry about someone elseís fleas. We have a few customers that have been coming for years and want the same room down in the bungalow building. They have no pets but stay in the same room every time even though we tell that itís one of our pet rooms. They say they canít tell a pet has been in the room. Thatís what we strive for, clean, hairless and flea- free pet friendly rooms for your dog.

As we work on this dog friendly & pet friendly page we will try to get some links up for other nice pet friendly motels, hotels, and inns along the beach up and down Highway 101. I am working of some Cannon Beach pet friendly places to stay as well as Yachats, Florence, and Newport. If you have some favorites please email the front desk. If you are traveling down to the central coast of California I can recommend my brotherís inn, The Cambria Shores Inn on beautiful Moonstone Beach Drive in Cambria

Inn of the Beachcomber
Gold Beach Pet Friendly Inn

keehnen is one of the resident cats at the beachcomber

We have some rules to make everyone get along:

Do not leave pets unattended in the room or on the Balconies. When you leave your special friends they get lonely and try to find you. This can cause problems for your neighbor and the room. If you are going on the jet boats plan ahead for a pet sitter there are a few of them in town. The climate is cool and you can leave your pet in a shady parking spot at the restaurants in town. You are responsible for any damage your pet might cause to the room, When you are on the property itís best for your dog to be on a leash.

Itís important to pick up after your pet so no one can tell theyíve used the grass.

Your pet must be house broke and if there is an accident you need to let the front desk know immediately so we can call in the HASMAT crew.

The furniture and beds are for humans so if your pet needs a place to lay down we have pet beds.

If you do not declare your pet you will be subject to a $250 pet fee.

Our pet fee is reasonably priced at $15.00 per pet. During the storm season, please call the front desk and ask about our pet specials. If you have special needs let us know. We have extra bowls and pet beds if you need them.

Service Dogs stay free, but you must have papers that declare that the dog is a service animal with you, upon your arrival at the hotel.

I hope this information is helpful and answers any questions you might have about our pet policy. We look forward to meeting your dog, cat, or pet when you get to the Beachcomber. If you are bringing a primate please call the front desk for special arrangements. Significant others who drag their knuckles on the ground are considered immune of the pet fee.

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